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Schedule for the Big Day at the 2024 Rainford Reunion

What are the activities Saturday June 22?   

Formal activites start about 11 am --check in at the Lodge, our gathering space is at the back. 12138 Ray Smith Drive, Hill City, South Dakota 

  • Check the Sign In Poster, so you can see who is at the Reunion
  • Buffet lunch of pizza and chicken starts at 11:30 and ends at 1:30.  
  • The Portrait of Dr George Rainford will be officially passed down by his great-granddaughter Arlene Potts Cole.
  • The Silent Auction runs all day, walk around the Dakota Lodge and make your bids
  • Elders' Stories from Arlene Potts Cole, Darlene Kahle, Diane Bull, Don and Delaine Heer
  • Play the Reunion Bingo game all day (icebreaker) to win a prize.  LINK

The Lodge activites end at about 4 pm.  Continue with gatherings and games provided by the ranch:

  • Cornhole competitions, cowboy golf, Jenga, 
  • Chickens, ducks, two ponies, goats, pigs
  • Firepit gatherings

What should I bring?

  • Plenty of picnic table seating inside the Lodge but you may want to bring a folding chair and a snack to share in the evening.
  • Dress for changeable weather

Who will be there?

  • Close to 100 cousins who are eager to meet you, share stories, catch up.


Warm Clothes and Karaoke

Hey Cousins, take a look at predicted weather for Hill City so you have warm clothes and rain gear as needed!  Hope you are getting packed and ready for a fun reunion! 

  • Also, does anyone have a Karaoke Machine that we could use for amplification?  We would like to avoid a $250 charge for using the resort speaker system for announcements.  If anyone can help out, please contact/text Karen Rainford at 651-454-5487.
  • Saturday we're serving lunch to everyone with assorted soft drinks provided so please bring any other beverage you prefer. 
  • We'll also play Reunion BIngo all day Saturday to get to know one another.  For those of you who are competitive, you can start preparing during the drive to the Black Hills.  LINK

Can't wait to see you!


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1)   Any questions about arrangements or things you want to know about the Reunion? Just jot your question below with your contact info and we'll get right back to you!

Hey Cousins, it's just 11 days till the Reunion. Time to plan your contributions to the Silent Auction, which will be held Saturday June 22. James and Kristy Heer have volunteered to lead the auction so you can email them jamesheer@yahoo.com to indicate what auction item you're contributing.
We have a few special items--like Dolly Rainford's handwritten history--that were auctioned for the term until the next reunion. If you purchased one of these, please let Kristy know. We'd love to have you return it so it can be auctioned off again this year for the winner to keep until the next reunion. The money raised during the auction is how we financially support future reunions.
Suggested items:A Rainford family keepsake/mementos/figurines--Something fun from your state, or area (Minnesota Wild Rice Gift Basket, Beer, Wine or Spirits from your local brewery, winery or distillery) Personalized Items you make (Maple Syrup, Jams, Jellies, Pickled Cucumbers, Embroidered Dish Towels, Crocheted Blanket, Quilt, Candies, Recipe Books... )Gourmet Items (Coffee Beans, Chocolates, Teas) Fun Games for All ages (Yard Games, Puzzles, Legos, Card Games, Board Games) Themed Gifts such as Bath Products/Soaps/Lotions, Scented Candles & Essential Oils; Hobby Related Items (e.g. assorted fishing lures, etc.) Gift cards (e.g. Target, Starbucks, Walmart, etc.)

We're going to post photos of auction items ( if you can provide them) to build interest in the auction. Here's the link: https://drive.google.com/.../1FnIYb7p9iYGSNcDOERpDWkD7q8U... Send photos to Robin Rainford robinrainford@gmail.com

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1)   Do you plan to bring an item for the auction?

The auction is how we fund Rainford Reunions every three years. This time it will be a silent auction at the reunion on June 22. Let us know if you plan to contribute and we'll follow up.

It's the Big One! 

Hello cousins,

Here’s what’s new as of June 11, 2024. Click on the blue links to shop and see detailed info

  • Only 11 days left until the big Dakota Lodge event on June 22nd.

  • Our SquareSite is open for ordering/paying for T-shirts and signing up for events. 

  • Our schedule is firming up (see below). Three T-shirt events are planned:  Thursday Evening Mount Rushmore, Friday Campfire/Singalong, and Saturday Dakota Hall Reunion Main Event.

  • You can use an easy form to add your information to the private Reunion Directory . This will help us keep connected at the reunion and before.   

    Reach us by using this email addressl  2024Rainford@gmail.com

LINKS Updated on June 1, 2024

Reunion Week Planning  (click this link) 

  • Reunion Week Schedule
  • T-Shirts
  • Gathering Locations
  • Fun Ideas for your Family

Event Signup

Square.site     Our Squaresite is the place you sign up for events and buy tshirts


Add your information using the easy form     View the Reunion Directory


All lodging at the resort is booked except spots for RVs and tents.  Check Hill City for nearby options.

Other Useful Links

High Country Ranch website

MAP of High Country Ranch


Updated 4.18   See photos of the Reunion Site taken April 16 by Cousins Wendy and Robin Rainford!


Reunion Week Schedule

May 29 to June 18

Bicycling Option 

Karen Rainford and Paul Osika are riding their bikes from St. Paul, MN to the reunion, camping and hoteling along the way (May 29-June 18). It's just the two of us for all 800+ miles so we'll carry our tent and clothes on our bicycles and plan on riding about 30-60 miles per day. 

Are you interested in riding with us some or all of the way, or meeting us for camping? Can we stay with you when we ride through your town? We’ll be in Carthage, Brookings, etc.

Here’s a link to our preliminary schedule  Contact :karen.rainford@gmail.com or paul.osika@gmail.com 

June 19

Many folks are arriving on Wednesday so there’ll probably be some grocery shopping, informal meet ups and figuring out plans for visiting area attractions. No group meals. 

June 20

am and afternoon

You can pick up your T-shirts: Time and location to be announced. 

Many more folks are arriving and there’ll probably be some grocery shopping, informal meet ups. Folks might be visiting some of the area attractions. We’re not planning any group meals but you can make plans on your own with others.



Mount Rushmore National Memorial  -Wear Your T-shirt

We'll take several cars and arrive at 8 pm for the 9 pm Lighting Ceremony and Ranger talk.  Plenty of parking. 

Wear your Rainford T-shirt so we can find each other in the seating area and make a statement: The Rainfords have arrived. 

Sign up at this link



You can pick up your T-shirts: Time and location to be announced. 

Many more folks are arriving and there’ll probably be some grocery shopping, informal meet ups. Folks might be visiting some of the area attractions. We’re not planning any group meals but you can make plans on your own with others.

Let us know what your family is planning if you’d be open to some others joining you. 



Campfire Fun  Location- Rodeo Cabin Firepit

Wear Your T-Shirt: Outside in the circle of Rodeo Cabins

Melody volunteered the Kahle kids to have the campfire /singalong on Friday night. Is Bob coming? His guitar and talents will be used, or I’ll bring a boombox.

Melody and Kelly will bring:  S’mores (Marshmallows, Graham crackers, Chocolate), firewood, sticks for roasting marshmallows, A few extra camp chairs, a croquet set and a cornhole set. Also cowboy beans (to really get the party going). 

Bring camp chairs, and your beverages of choice. If people would like to bring hotdogs /potluck and grill or cook them at our camp area Friday night that would be okay but we’re not planning a group meal. 

June 22

Rainford Reunion 2024 - Dakota Hall  11ish to 4ish

A full day of Rainford fun, including a catered lunch, Rainford trivia, Elder’s Chat, silent auction, Dr George portrait.

We’re working on a detailed schedule, but you can assume you should eat breakfast on your own, and head over to Dakota Hall by 11ish. Sign up at this link

June 23

Checkout Time is 10 at High Country Ranch

Updated 5.2  

  • Darlene Kahle family: Darlene Kahle, Skip Kahle & daughter Michele Montes with kids 4, 2.  Kelly Kahle Northrup with Riley & Megan Northrup and kids 4, 2: Lacy & Andrew Maher and kids 6,4,1.   Holly Kahle, daughters Karsyn, Kailen and Padyn Scheer with kids 14, 7, 5.  Melody Kahle Littau & Curt Littau.   Donna Jean Singer family: Alex, Theresa, Elizabeth, & Sophia Felderman,   Diane Bull: Diane,  Dawn Bull Lundholm & Roy with Dana Bull, Dean Bull and other Bull cousins; possibly Marvel & Bob Havlin.  Delaine Heer family  Delaine & Don, James & Kristy and kids. Darrel Rainford family: Robin & John, Karen & Paul, Pat & daughter Madi Rainford LeBaron & Thomas with 4 boys aged 10, 8, 6,4, Wendy & Steve with son Nick,; Neil & Michelle with sons. Dwight Rainford family:  Rick & Darnell, Clint & Jeannie with kids 18, 15, 10; Chad & Kim with toddler son.  Rhonda & Kevin Gueke with grandson Jordan and son Jason & Lisa Gueke  Delmar Rainford: Clyde Rainford & Kim; Paul & Shelley Rainford with Heidi, Matt and 5 granddaughters.  Delroy Rainford family: maybe kids of Delania Witt. How about Rocky?
  • Belle Rainford Mashino family: Arlene Potts Cole, most direct living descendant of Dr George Rainford, and her husband Dennis, also Todd Cole and Brent Potts. Arlene will bring the portrait of Dr. George that she inherited.
  • Wolfgram: Debbie Wolfgram, daughter of Irene LaBrie Wolfgram--sister of Dolly Rainford
  • LaBrie: Sandra Radlinger, daughter of Evelyn LaChance & Lawrence LaBrie--brother of Dolly Rainford.  Maybe Sandy's daughter Beth and granddaughter Sydney.
  • Klapperich: Thomas Klapperich of Rapid City--Dolly's mother's family.  Also Vickie Sippel, the Klapperich genealogist from Groton SD
  • Bloom and Groft: updates  Derek Groft, Donna Bloom Hipfner, Cody and Chris Bloom, possibly Robert Bloom Samples.

Missing Folks:

It's just not a Rainford Reunion without cousins from the Groft, Bloom, LaBrie, Lenox, Klapperich, Fortin, Besse, Barrie and other related families. We are hoping to see the children of Bev and Ron Rainford , who came to every reunion and shared stories.   We've heard from a few Rainfords who can't make it (Marty Rainford) but you're welcome to change your mind.  We still have a few rooms at the resort site and plenty of RV space plus some people have booked nearby in the town.  We can help, just contact us.  Contact Us 

Rainford Reunion 2024 

DATE:  Saturday, June 22, 2024 is the main day. Many pre- and post gatherings of cousins arriving Wednesday or Thursday, but this is the day everyone is together.

LODGING: High Country Guest Ranch,  12138 Ray Smith Dr, Hill City, SD 57745 in the Black Hills   Booking 605-574-9003

DONATION: $25 per family for food and meeting room rental

STATES:  Cousins are booked from Arizona, California, Indiana, Minnesota, South Dakota, Wisconsin.

LINKS:  South Dakota Tourism  Things to Do in the Black Hills

WHAT TO DO:  Call your cousins! Talk to your families!  This website and the Facebook Rainford Cousins page will have lots of updates and ideas for expanded travels, but now is the time to get everyone on board. The Reunion Committee has reserved the big meeting space and set up the day's events.  Each family can book their own lodging.

ALSO: This website allows you to contact other cousins directly; you just click the name to send a message.  


2024 Reunion Committee

Robin Rainford
Kelly Kahle Northrup
Karen Rainford
Melody Kahle Littau
Wendy Rainford
Dawn Bull Lundholm



List of Descendants in Major U.S. Rainford Branches  

(click this link to see how your family fits in with all the US descendants of Dr George Rainford with his English wife, Harriet, and American wife, Margaret.)

The Picture Slideshow

The Besse Connection

The LaBrie Connection

The Klapperich Connection




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•   Neil Rainford  6/19
•   Rhonda And Kevin Rainford (Geuke)  6/13
•   Clinton & Jeanne Rainford  6/13
•   Donna Kay Bloom (Bloom Hipfner)  4/13
•   Paul Osika  8/1
•   Loretta Tucker /Frize  8/1
•   Holly Kahle  8/1
•   Shelley Reidenbach (Rainford)  7/30
•   Delaney Rainford  7/6
•   Madi & Thomas LeBaron  6/24
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Who lives where - click links below to find out.

3 live in Arizona
17 live in California
4 live in Colorado
1 lives in Florida
1 lives in Idaho
10 live in Illinois
7 live in Indiana
11 live in Minnesota
1 lives in Mississippi
3 live in Missouri
1 lives in Montana
10 live in Nevada
3 live in North Dakota
1 lives in Ohio
30 live in South Dakota
3 live in Texas
3 live in Virginia
1 lives in Washington
6 live in Wisconsin
1 lives in Wyoming
2 live in United Kingdom
46 location unknown


Know the email address of a missing Cousin? Click here to contact them!


Suggested Donation of $25 per family.